Things to expect when consulting with a dietitian

Many people on the Gold Coast have become conscious of their eating habits. It is because life-threatening medical conditions are often caused by unhealthy eating habits.

Speaking with a dietitian Gold Coast may have been suggested by your doctor, or you want to completely change your eating lifestyle. Becoming aware of the effects of food on your health is achieved when you opt to work with a dietitian Gold Coast.

Eating patterns and habits are identified, questions about nutrient or food needs are answered, and equipping you with food skills and knowledge is gained by consulting with a dietitian, Gold Coast.

The first consultation will probably take around an hour or 45 minutes, regardless of whether it is done over the phone, online, or in person. The reasons for the appointment and questions about your lifestyle will be asked by the dietitian as a way to know you better.

Some of the questions your chosen dietitian will probably ask include:

  • Your exercise program, if any
  • The number of times you eat in a day
  • Your daily food portions
  • Your food and cultural traditions
  • Any supplements and medications you are currently on
  • Any challenges faced when you purchase, prepare, and eat food
  • Your current weight, age, and height
  • The kinds of foods you and your family prefer
  • Your current eating habits
  • The place where you usually eat
  • Food budget
  • Your general medical/health history
  • Food skills
  • Whether you need special equipment for preparing and eating food
  • Your concerns about your eating lifestyle

A nutrition assessment will be designed by a dietitian based on the questions above. The answers you give help the dietitian figure out the food groups you get too little or too much of.

Things to do before a dietitian appointment

  • Asking a friend or family member to go along with you to the appointment is helpful
  • Keeping a food diary before the appointment would be very helpful. A three-day diary about everything you have been drinking or eating enables the dietitian to have an idea about your food patterns and habits.
  • Thinking about your food goals before the appointment is important. The food habits you want to improve or change help you decide on your goal. The reasons for working with a dietitian should also be included in your goal plans.
  • It’s good practice to write down the questions you want answers to before your appointment. Doing it this way is the smartest way to find answers to common food misconceptions and myths.
  • List down all the supplements or medications you are currently on. Knowing your medical history allows the dietitian to design a tailor-made diet for your case.

The takeaway from your first Dietitian appointment

  • The dietitian will design a nutrition plan for you based on your eating patterns, medical history, personal food preferences, and diet history.
  • The dietitian will provide take-home information resources such as food models to let you know more about sample meal plans, healthy food portion sizes, and healthy food recipes.
  • Answer all your food concerns and questions during the appointment.
  • Arrange a follow-up appointment. It is because changes in eating habits are gradual process.

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