we-can-do-it-bike2:30-5:00pm Sunday 5 February
Save the Children, 33 Lincoln Square South, Carlton (Victoria, Australia)
Gather 2:30pm under the tree opposite in Lincoln Square for pre-session snacks and chats, workshop runs 3-5pm inside.

There are probably many things you plan to do in 2017… but how do you plan to be?

While it’s great to have your eyes on the prize of important social change outcomes you’re working towards, it can also make a really big difference to set intentions for your own wellbeing.

This session will make space for activists to:

  • Reflect on the year past and figure out what to hold on to, tweak or let go of
  • Focus on how we want to feel this year, and what will make that more likely
  • Set goals around wellbeing and get started developing healthy habits (whatever you choose but could include things like exercising more, disconnecting from devices, connecting more with friends and family, spending time in nature, eating well, kicking addictions, etc)
  • Identify things that could be barriers or diversions on the quest for a healthy and well 2017, and come up with strategies to address that

… all in a supportive and chillaxed environment full of fellow activists.

This session is the first of Plan to Thrive’s monthly Activist Wellbeing Workshops. It will be presented by Holly Hammond, experienced activist educator who has run many workshops on sustaining activism and regularly works one-on-one with folks to clarify their health and wellbeing goals, as well as their big gutsy campaign strategies.

Registration for this event is essential. Register through Eventbrite here.

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  • To all of our Chuffed supporters for making this workshop possible.
  • To Save the Children for their generous in kind support through the use of their training rooms.
  • To Crosshairs Cycling for the picture, you can purchase the t-shirt here.