Melbourne activists took part in a Plan To Thrive workshop on Avoiding Burnout on Sunday 2 April. The workshop was facilitated by community and permaculture activist Theo Kitchener.

Theo started the workshop by offering a definition of workaholism and discussing the relationship between workaholism and burnout. The workshop then opened up to the group for a consideration of other factors that contribute to burnout including fear of what will happen if we don’t continue at our current pace, our activism being tied-up with our egos and identities, and unspoken expectations from co-workers and collaborators.

Theo asked participants to explore answers to these questions:

What does healthy activism look like?
What does a healthy organisational culture look like?
What are indicators you are on the path to burnout?
What advice would you give a friend who is on a path to burnout?

The knowledge shared among participants was compiled and is available here.

Participants provided the following feedback about the experience:

  • It felt like a very positive safe space. Great pace. Reflecting on how I view myself and treat myself as an activist.
  • A really good friendly conversation on an important topic. A good chance to reflect on me and my activism.
  • The content and presenters were easy to understand and contribution was optional.
  • The safe and supportive environment. People were free to express themselves without feeling silly or like an outsider. The facilitators and attendees had really interesting insights and advice.

DSC_0072 DSC_0067

Thank you Theo for creating an open and inclusive space for shared learning!

Plan To Thrive’s next workshop, Inclusive Yoga with Anu on Sunday 7 May is now open for registrations. Thanks as always to our Chuffed campaign supporters for making the Activist Wellbeing Workshops series possible!

For more information on burnout check out these PTT resources: