New time: Thursday 30 November, 6-8:30pm
Save the Children, 33 Lincoln Sq South, Carlton

We can sing longer than we can yell! In this workshop we’ll play some, sing some, yell some and dance some. Using music, humour and movement to revitalise our thought patterns and find new and effective ways to get our message across.

This is the 7th Activist Wellbeing Workshop organised by Plan To Thrive, and will be facilitated by Miranda Hill.

Miranda is a musician, educator, producer, and activist working in Melbourne; specialising in new classical, experimental, baroque, and community music. As musical director of 3 Shades Black, Riff Raff Radical Marching Band, and co-founder of baking-theatre-music duo The Flying Tapirs, and electro-acoustic drum and bass duo OctavePussy, Miranda is an active contributor to Melbourne’s vibrant music scene. She has performed with many of Australias’ orchestras, and is a core member of BOLT ensemble and Scottish Baroque Folk group: the evergreen ensemble. She performs on double bass, banjo, ukulele and mellophone.

Miranda is dedicated to making music fun, and bringing experimental music to new audiences. She believes that music is a conduit for real social change.