Inclusive Yoga

2:00-5:00pm (please arrive 1:30pm)
Sunday 7 May
Dance of Life Centre of Yoga and Healing, St Marks Church, 250 George St, Fitzroy

Join us for some integrated self care for your wellbeing – combining body and mind – with a session of ‘Inclusive Yoga’ with Anu.

The guided yoga session will include:
– mindfulness
– breathwork
– guided meditation
– movement, flexibility and strength work (NB: flexibility is not a prerequisite of yoga)
– connection of breath and movement
– relaxation
…all in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment with fellow activists.

Inclusive Yoga is designed to be accessible and suit all levels of ability. The workshop will be split into two parts, each with its own theme. The first half will be focused on “standing in your own power” and includes active movement flows and some stronger poses (please note that this is an inclusive class, so everyone can work to their own strength/flexibility/energy levels… less challenging options will be offered first and people can move to a stronger option if they wish or stay at the level that is right for them). There will then be a short break with some opportunity for socialising and down time. The second half will be gentler, meditative and more personal, with an inward focus on restoration and healing. The two parts complement each other, much like yin and yang, to suit the participants’ needs and intentions.

This is the fourth Activist Wellbeing Workshop run by Plan To Thrive. Anu has been practicing yoga for 8 years and trained with the Australian Yoga Learning Academy. Their classes emphasise the importance of conscious breathing and mindful movement to help achieve focus, feeling grounded, and being in the present. With a focus on clear communication and accessible yoga, Anu’s classes are inclusive and suitable for all levels. They teach a weekly Queer and Trans Inclusive class in Fitzroy.

Registration for this event through Eventbrite is essential. Register here.

*Please arrive at 1.30pm (we’ll start promptly by 2pm)
*Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one (if you don’t have one then there will be some to borrow)
*Bring a water bottle (and a towel if you’d like)
*Wear loose/comfortable clothing
*If you can, bring a small snack to share
*Try not to eat immediately before coming to yoga

We look forward to seeing you there!

Check out the amazing Decolonizing Yoga for resources to help us all make our yoga practice more accessible and inclusive.