Embodied Activism

Sunday 17 September
Save the Children Australia
33 Lincoln Square South, Carlton

A special additional Plan to Thrive event this September with Sage Hayes, visiting US activist, somatics practitioner and teacher of embodied liberation.

Whether you’re organizing a campaign, participating in direct action or involved in other social justice work, intense engagement with injustice can impact your health, your heart and your spirit. The ongoing demands of inequality and environmental degradation are stressful and impact us in way seen and unseen.

How can we show up fully while taking care of ourselves and each other?

This workshop offers an exploration into embodied activism with three themes:
* Mindfulness, presence and connectivity as tools for radical change.
* Understanding resilience, stress, trauma and the body.
* Exploring the 8 principles of embodied activism.

All are welcome at this workshop. It will be informative, experiential and open to what emerges from participants. We will not be diving deep into traumatic material, rather understanding what it is, how it can show up and some tools to work with it.

Registration for this event is essential via Trybooking!

Tickets are on a sliding scale and no one will be turned way for lack of funds.

20993031_798010527048687_7030454380781220539_nIntroducing our presenter Sage Hayes.

Inspiring words from their website:

‘Embodied Liberation is an invitation for ALL people and systems into embodied inquiry towards illumination, reconciliation and resolution of historic and current social and economic trauma‚Ķ Paying attention to how sexism, abuse, homophobia, racism, classism and other products of our ‘dominance culture’ are internalized into our bodies can create entryways to unpacking the affects of ongoing, repetitive social oppression on our state of health and wellness. In this light, we can begin to detoxify, externalize and discharge more ‘survival’ adrenaline which has become locked up in our physiology and come into much deeper states of health, balance and freedom within, and with each other.’


* Top photo credit: Alex Garland, Break Free PNW 2016