The US election result has got some of us experiencing the full gamut of emotions. Here are some resources to help us work through them in ways that pay respect to body and soul.


Sketch by Joshua Kahn Russell, US campaigner and activist educator, on the morning after the election. Joshua wrote:

‘One way I center myself is my sketchbook. My body processed the new/old era we’re in with a lot of nausea this morning. But my heart got grounded by seeing so many messages of resolve, defiance, commitment to solidarity with all communities under attack (who have been for generations) – I love you. Especially by the sentiments of humility, the level of mature egoless leadership we’re all being called to. Sketching helped me move through some of the feels.’

Hope in the Dark – free ebook to download from Rebecca Solnit

Your Post-Election Pain Is Real Grief – Caroline Gregoire via Huffington Post

Feelings Rookie: Coping Skills – Molly Priddy via Autostraddle

Nine quotes of hope in the face of US election despair – Kevin Smith via Global Justice Now

7 agreements for productive conversations during difficult times – Nonprofit with Balls

Yes, and…  – Allyse Heartwell

40 Days of Radical Healing – CTZNWell

Next time we’re waiting for election results, or other big movement moments…

How To Get Through The Day When You’re Waiting For Important News – Beth Skwarecki via Lifehacker


What are you doing to process your Trump feels at this time? What ways are people figuring out to take care of each other? Let us know if you have any more resources to share – and keep an eye on PTT’s Facebook page.