Plan To Thrive’s second Activist Wellbeing Workshop on Sunday 5 March brought activists together in nature for a guided walk along the Darebin Spiritual Healing Trail.

Aboriginal elder Uncle Trevor Gallagher guided the group of 11 along the path, which traversed hills and crossed the Darebin creek.

At times Uncle Trevor asked the group members to stand in silence, wash their anxieties away with cool water, and energetically stomp their feet. These rituals marked a trail designed to assist group members to divide that which they can control and that which they can’t – and let go of the latter.

Group members read from a collection of readings that match the various geographical points along the way. Here is an excerpt:


One step at a time

Walk along the edge of the creek until you find another crossing. There is a fish ladder located here. The ladder is symbolic of the need to take one step at a time to overcome big obstacles.

Take some time to meditate on your issues for possible solutions by using this same principle. Think about the small steps you might take to start addressing your problems. Focus on what you can do immediately that might be applicable and relevant to the situation.

Group members say what they liked most about walking the trail:

“Trevor’s warm and easy style of leading the group into his culture and connection to land.” – Anne Bolitho

Connecting with other activists. Meeting Uncle Trevor and going through the rituals.” – Nicholas Mueller

The connection and reaching out between Indigenous culture and activists. Very healing.” – Michael Bayliss

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A big thank you to Uncle Trevor for guiding us with wisdom and inclusiveness. Thank you to the supporters of PTT’s Chuffed campaign for making this workshop possible!

The next Activist Wellbeing Workshop Avoiding Burnout will be held on Sunday 2 April and facilitated by community activist Theo Kitchener. Visit Eventbrite for more information and to book tickets.