Here it is folks, our 2017 calendar of Activist Wellbeing Workshops held in Melbourne! Check out the monthly goodness available and plan to thrive for the year ahead. Click here to view and download the full calendar.

Sunday 5 February
Healthy Goal Setting with Holly Hammond
This workshop will kick you off for the year, helping you set intentions for your own wellbeing. Reflect on the year past, focus on what you want, and set goals for the year ahead.

Sunday 5 March
Darebin Spiritual Healing Trail with Trevor Gallagher
The Spiritual Healing Trail was designed by the Darebin Aboriginal Working Party with support of the traditional custodians of the land, the Wurundjeri people. Join us on this guided walk aimed at improving emotional and spiritual wellbeing through connection to the land, to others and most importantly, to ourselves.

Sunday 2 April
Avoiding Burnout with Theo Kitchener
A participatory and transformative look at how we can better enjoy ourselves and avoid burnout whilst changing the world. Based on the learnings from one long-term activist’s journey with avoiding burnout and finding fulfilment.

Sunday 7 May
Inclusive Yoga with Anu
A facilitated inclusive yoga class with a variety of poses, movements and breath work, to enable you to be calm, strong and stand in your own power.

Sunday 4 June
Putting Pen to Paper with Suse Scholem
A participatory workshop inviting stream of consciousness, prose, reflective writing, journalling and drawing to explore the therapeutic benefits of putting pen to paper.

Sunday 9 July
Holistic Health x 3
Simple wellbeing, how to get the most out of your GP and building your ideal ‘health team’ with Jeffrey Reinten
Naturopathic health, herbals and nutrition with Brittany Osborne
Basics of Chinese medicine for your day-to-day wellbeing with Community Shiatsu Co-Op

Sunday 6 August
Woodcut Food-Prints with UB
A creative workshop at the intersection of art and activism. Woodcut is simple, cheap and fun printmaking technique long used to create political images. Participants can create their own woodcut then print them by using their feet to ‘dance’ on fabric.

Art featuring woodcut footprint method by UB

Art featuring woodcut footprint method by UB

Sunday 8 October
Self Shiatsu with Co-Shi-Co
A workshop facilitated by the Community Shiatsu Co-Operative focusing on how to do self-massage and partnered massage. Hands on and practical, you can learn basic skills to nurture and take care of yourself.

Sunday 5 November
Nature Connection with Kiri Bear
An explorative workshop allowing participants to connect with themselves and nature, and bring awareness to the reality that human beings are fundamentally part of the whole earth community.

Thursday 30 November: 6-8:30pm
Music in Activism with Miranda Hill
Special end-of-year evening event! We can sing longer than we can yell! In this workshop we’ll play some, sing some, yell some and dance some. Using music, humour and movement to revitalise our thought patterns and find new and effective ways to get our message across.

To book into workshops visit the separate notice for each event and like us on Facebook for updates.

Thanks to our excellent Chuffed backers for making these workshops possible – and to Save the Children for their generous in-kind support through the use of their training rooms.

Events are Sunday afternoons at Save the Children (Carlton) unless otherwise specified. Event details may change if required. Each event will be open for bookings in the month previous. Check the specific timings and locations.