Canva Holistic Health

Sunday July 9, 2-5pm
Save the Children, 33 Lincoln Sq Sth, Carlton

This month we’re delving into a variety of topics to give activists a boost of wellbeing and refresher tips for the winter months. The workshop will be split into three sections to present different approaches of holistic health knowledge and practical skills:

“Shiatsu and the Kidney/Bladder Meridian: The art of looking after yourself” (with Armelle, Christine, and Lucy from the Community Shiatsu Co-operative)

“Simple wellbeing, how to get the most out of your GP and building your ideal ‘health team” (with Dr. Jef Reinten)

“Naturopathic health, herbals and nutrition – making your own tinctures” (with herbalist Brittany Osborne)

“Shiatsu and the Kidney/Bladder Meridian: The art of looking after yourself”

Shiatsu is a holistic approach to wellbeing using a combination of bodywork and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, such as the Yin/Yang relationship and the Five Elements framework to bring the body back into balance. This workshop will focus on the functions and characteristics of the Kidney/Bladder meridian pair and the relationship they hold to exhaustion and burnout, fear and our personal will, introversion, reflection and rest. Winter is the season of the Kidney/Bladder, so we will look at how and why supporting these meridians at this time of year can contribute to your overall health and wellbeing in the longer term. The workshop will involve some partner or self shiatsu techniques, stretches and TCM dietary advice

“Simple wellbeing, how to get the most out of your GP and building your ideal ‘health team”

How to make the most of the medical system to get what you need when you need it. Some insights from an activist doctor. This workshop will explore how to build your ideal wellbeing team in the current health care system and a discussion of the relationships between doctors and patients, including some common pitfalls and barriers to forming a true therapeutic alliance. There will also be a little bit of time for a good old fashioned Q and A.

“Naturopathic health, herbals and nutrition”

This workshop will be a brief skill-share on the know-how of tincture making for winter wellbeing. It will include a discussion of naturopathic principles and philosophy, and provide a hands-on opportunity to make your own infusion. Participants will learn how to make their own cold and flu remedy, including for example, a dry cough tincture. Materials and herbs provided.

This is the sixth event in Plan To Thrive’s Activist Wellbeing series. It will be presented by a breadth of wellbeing professionals coming from a variety of holistic health modalities, with a small break in between each segment. Here’s a little bit about our presenters:

The Shiatsu segment will be run by Armelle, Christine and Lucy, all qualified practicing Shiatsu therapists who together form the Community Shiatsu Cooperative. They have varying intersectional interests spanning Traditional Chinese Medicine, holistic health, and community building.

Dr. Jef Reinten has been a doctor for the last eight years and is currently a GP in Essendon. Additional to his medical experience, Jef is also a community focused activist who has been involved in multiple campaigns including the Leard blockade, the East West Tunnel picket, Occupy Melbourne and Sea Shepherd.

Brittany Osborne is a local herbalist and activist who is passionate about naturopathic outcomes for wellbeing, building community and anarchist alternatives. As well as being active in animal welfare and human rights campaigns, she seeks to make herbal medicine accessible through simple, DIY processes.

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