Community research project

Experiences of violence not only impact on wellbeing but present a significant barrier to communities being spaces where people can feel safe enough to fully participate in and lead social change movements. Lauren Caulfield is conducting some research with the purpose of understanding better how we can build capacity for effective community-based safety organising, accountability and responding to interpersonal violence and sexual assault.

Have you been involved in community-based, grassroots or radical safety work?

Have you participated in community responses, accountability processes or safe/r spaces policies aimed at preventing gender-based and interpersonal violence?

Or have you been part of responding to violence when it occurs?

Poster from 'Alternatives to Policing' workshop at Camp Anarchy 2014.

Poster from ‘Alternatives to Policing’ workshop at Camp Anarchy 2014.

I’m gathering reflections on experiences of community safety organising. People who have been active in facilitating or supporting community responses to interpersonal violence are invited to participate in this research.

If you are keen to contribute you can email reflections, questions or for more information on the project: laurenvcaulfield (at)

All information gathered will be treated carefully, and permission sought for any public use. Contributions can be given anonymously or used in a non-identifying way.


Lauren works on projects to combat and prevent gender violence in and around Melbourne, including with Undercurrent Community Education Project and as a trainer with the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria. She loves intersectional politics, and is currently doing a research fellowship on Community Accountability and Transformative Justice with some North American community safety and prison abolition projects, for workshops and collaboration upon return home.

In her other life she is a forest campaigner, and also very much likes drinking cups of tea.


** In related news, an Anarchist Discussion Meeting on Confronting Sexual Violence in the Left is being held at New International Bookshop (Melbourne) on Wednesday 28 May at 7pm. More information and RSVP on Facebook.