Plan To Thrive’s first Activist Wellbeing Workshop asked participants to set goals based not only things they wish to achieve in 2017, but how they wish to feel.

The workshop, which took place on Sunday 5 February, was organised by Plan To Thrive events co-convenor Suse Scholem and facilitated by co-founder and convenor Holly Hammond.

Suse started the afternoon off with an Acknowledgment of Country, then Holly asked everyone to reflect on the past year. Participants were asked to either draw a picture of a river depicting the year’s ebbs and flows, or complete an end of year review worksheet which called on them to consider, among other things, what their proudest achievement was and the most fun they had last year. Participants came together in small groups to share what they had written and drawn.

Holly introduced Danielle La Porte’s concept of ‘Core Desired Feelings’, or those feelings that are the most meaningful and desirable for us as individuals. La Porte’s Desire Map is a book and free downloadable sample which offers examples of Core Desired Feelings and fleshes out this concept more. This approach can be great for people who struggle with traditional goal setting. Being clear about how we want to feel can be a guide to our plans, rather than striving to do tasks or attain particular outcomes.

The healthy goal-setting worksheet called on participants to start with a Core Desired Feeling and then identify what actions need to be taken in order to maximise it, also identifying what the consequences could be of losing track of their goal. Participants discussed their goals in pairs.

The group then came together in a circle and Holly asked everyone to name their goal out loud, to add a level of accountability among one another. Group members’ answers included feeling physically strong and pain-free, feeling energised and feeling they have an abundance, rather than a scarcity, of time.

The workshop ended with a glance forward to the next workshop, a guided walk along the Darebin Spiritual Healing Trail with Uncle Trevor Gallagher, on Sunday 5 March. Information and Registration for this workshop is now available. Click here to view the full calendar of PTT workshops in 2017.

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How to set healthy goals like a pro

Step 1: Review the last year

Step 2: Set an intention

Step 3: Set goals and plan for healthy habits

Do you have a ritual to help you review the last year and prepare for the next? What goal-setting strategies work best for you? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.