Healers and beauty therapists do a great job setting up intentional space for relaxation. If you can it’s great to access their services – but you can also bring some of that goodness home for low cost rejuvenation. Here’s some tips from Holly Hammond. 


My niece spent the holidays with me and my partner and we did a lot of fun stuff during her visit. We did a review of 2014, some goal setting, and towards the end I set up a ‘wellness retreat’ in part of our lounge room and we did some relaxing activities together. She’s heading into her final year of school, which will be stressful with lots of study and exams. I wanted to give her access to a few simple techniques she could use to relax.

It was really fun and easy!

Here’s what I did:

  • Screened off part of the lounge room and put up a ‘menu’ for the afternoon (yes I’m a facilitator, I find having a written agenda soothing and I just happened to have whiteboard sheets and markers).
  • Brought in some extra pillows to make the couch comfy (I thought of using sarongs and other fabric to make it more special but it didn’t happen).
  • Set the retreat scene with a tray on the table including a little pot plant, candle, bowl of fruit, fizzy lime water, and some products.
  • Opened the space by talking about what we’d be doing and encouraging relaxation (I may have used a calm therapist voice for light relief).
  • Played a short video of a guided self-massage that we followed along with. There are lots of these, ours was good for relaxation, releasing tension and relieving headaches.
  • Then we put on face masks and cucumber on our eyes and lay around gossiping. We used a store bought face mask but you can make your own.

All up it took less than an hour and a half and was really well spent time for relaxing, connecting and sharing new skills. Obviously I’m very interested in this area but with the use of the YouTube, audio and app no specialist knowledge was required. The main cost was the tub of face mask and a punnet of strawberries.

My niece provided the following customer review: ‘This was a relaxing and centring experience which put things into perspective and helped me get prepared for the year ahead. I am now more confident about the upcoming challenges as I feel more equipped to deal with them’. Mission accomplished!

Give it a try! It’s sweet thing to do for friends, family, lovers, to pass time during an occupation or blockade, to kick off the first night of a strategy retreat – or just for yourself.