Onur Ekinci explains how a Day in Nature helps you and the community to thrive.


US journalist and author Richard Louv described in the Guardian 10 reasons why we need more contact with nature. Below is just the list:

  • The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need
  • Humans are hard-wired to love – and need – exposure to the natural world
  • We suffer when we withdraw from nature
  • Nature brings our senses alive
  • Individuals and businesses can become nature smart
  • Nature heals
  • Nature can reduce depression and improve psychological wellbeing
  • Nature builds community bonds
  • Nature bonds families and friends
  • The future is at stake


The last point is likely to be the greatest motivator for this audience. Having said that, it is important to remind ourselves that we are most effective when we are at our best.

Being so strongly drawn to our cause, it’s often difficult to find the time to disconnect from modern life and reconnect with nature.

On my way back home from whenever I spent time in nature, I would always have the same thoughts… ‘I’ve got to get out more often’, ‘it’s been so good to disconnect from technology’, ‘I feel more calm and relaxed.’ Still, months would go by between trips and it’d only be when it was close to burnout that I would organise a trip into nature again.

DIN3So in 2013, a small group of us decided to start a Facebook group called ‘Day in Nature’.

Day in Nature acts as a platform to support passionate urban-based change agents to get out of the city in order to reenergise by bringing an intention for stillness and relaxation through time in nature.

As passionate change makers, we’ve learned that some of the best weekends spent are those where we connect with nature, our community and ourselves.

As a group or community, we find that the logistics and energy required to organise a trip become a lot less when the efforts are shared.

The end result is a win for all. For you, for your work and most importantly for nature.



Onur1About the author

Onur Ekinci’s purpose is to create thriving and empowered communities, networks and organisations. In a world of increased complexity that calls for unprecedented levels of collaboration, he aims to facilitate the delivery of complex solutions to complex problems through human-centered design principles and a lean entrepreneurial approach. As Co-Founder of AmplifyLab, a social enterprise that unlocks value through collaboration, Onur focuses on more collaborative and innovative approaches for Government to use in the design and delivery of policies, strategies and projects that lead to greater user contribution and uptake.

Photos from Day in Nature’s April trip to Wilsons Promontory.

What have you noticed about how nature affects your wellbeing? How have you set things up to get out there?