Mara, an activist and trainer from the Netherlands, has put together a beautiful zine in English, Dutch and German. The zine features personal stories, short articles, and lovely sketches.


Here are some quotes from different activists who contributed their stories.

“I would like it if we could find ways to integrate personal change in our collective structures and create a culture of looking after ourselves and each other, where we support one another in healing and changing on the inside. Change is happening on all levels, inside a person, in their relationships with others and the world, and also in the structures that uphold the system in its place. Integrating all these changes will make the revolution stronger, more radical and longer lasting.”

“Sustainable activism is about taking care of yourself and the others around you. Each person is important in a struggle, so we have to be sure everybody is well and can contribute to the movement. Sustainable activism is about good long term planning. A movement that wants to win their struggle has to take this aspect into consideration and do it well from the beginning.”

“It’s about finding ways to keep on being active. It’s about creating relationships which give us energy and inspiration. It’s a desire for change and bringing it into practice. It’s preventing cynicism, depression and burn-out.  It’s about keeping up the fight against the destructive civilization. It’s about daring to believe in the impossible.”

Download the Sustainable Activism zine on the Cre-Act website. Thanks for sharing Mara!

For European readers: Mara will be cofacilitating a five day Sustaining Our Activism workshop in the Netherlands, 13-17 July 2016. More details here.