Activists and campaigners do what we do because we want to make the world a better place. But the energy and focus required to make that happen is a constant priority, which means self-care can get lost along the way. We want to help change that by providing monthly wellbeing workshops in Melbourne in 2017. We believe people can thrive, be healthy and happy, while doing important social change work.

Activists have heightened levels of stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, PTSD and even suicide rates. To help shift that, we need to celebrate the work we do, build our communal and personal resilience, and create joy in the process. We want to create a more sustainable movement for everyone working in social change, because without that, changing the world becomes even more difficult. The sustainability of activism is not only integral to our revolutionary movements, but it is part of the culture we are wanting to embody ongoing. Let’s live the change we’re trying to create!

In 2017, Plan To Thrive will be running monthly workshops for activists, campaigners and change makers to showcase a range of excellent wellbeing approaches and tools. We’ll offer workshops on the first Sunday afternoon of every month, starting in February. Some of the workshops we’ve got booked in include:

  • Setting healthy goals for 2017 – Holly Hammond
  • Connecting with nature – Kiri Bear
  • Yoga for everybody – Anu
  • Emotional Processing – Theo Kitchener
  • Woodcut Foot Print Art – UB
  • Behaviour change and effective activism – Suse Scholem
  • Winter health and Immunity boosting – Jef Reinten

A full calendar with more details will be available in January.

We want to make these events super accessible without money being a barrier to attending. In addition to pre-purchasing tickets by supporting this crowdfunding there’s the option to book tickets in the month before each workshop. There will be a sliding scale for tickets, including Pay the Rent spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander folks and subsidised spots for activists on low income. The more support we get via crowdfunding the cheaper and more accessible the events can be.

We want to raise $2,500 to put on this event series in 2017. This money will go towards paying presenters for their time and efforts, a minimal stipend for the organiser, venue costs, promotion (including a nifty poster to spread the word), materials needed for the events (like art supplies), healthy snacks and as many free or low cost spots as possible. Can you help us help each other?

There’s lots of ways you can support this project. There are three options for rewards:

  • claim it for yourself
  • give it to someone else (we’ll provide a pretty voucher perfect for gift giving), or
  • make it a gift to an unknown activist to attend in your place!

After you donate we’ll be in touch with how you can redeem your vouchers for the events of your choice.

Here is the link to our crowdfunding campaign on

Supporting our crowdfunding helps activists to be happier, healthier and to keep achieving great things!