Plan to Thrive is all about supporting stronger, healthier activist communities contributing to social change around the world.

We want to know more about the experiences of activists, so we can continue to share helpful resources. This means knowing more about the challenges activists face, and the ways we’re all figuring out how to survive and thrive.


We want strong, resilient communities and social movements.

We have designed a survey to get a clearer picture of the experiences of activists in regards to their health and wellbeing. The questions are premised on theories pertaining to the political nature of health, and how these specifically relate to the experience of activism and social movements generally, as well as the demands of activist labour. The survey is a mixture of short and long (open-ended) questions.

Take the survey now.

Provide as little or as much information as you would like, and feel free to skip questions.

The results of this survey will remain anonymous. One of the outcomes of the survey will be more activist stories¬†shared here, so we get to learn from each other’s experiences. Of course, stories will¬†only be shared with consent. We’ll also summaries the findings, with any quotes removed of identifying information.

Can you help us make this project bigger? Share the Plan to Thrive survey with your fellow activists and campaigners, we’d love to get a diversity of responses.


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