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Review: The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit

Nonprofit organisations can be prone to encouraging overwork, simply because they know their employees are emotionally invested. Alexandra Lamb analyses Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman’s recent argument that nonprofits should transform their workplace culture to have more productive and happier workers. The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman asks, ‘What if your […]

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Christy Tending: “Self-care is like a fingerprint”

Christy Tending is an activist, healer and mentor whose primary goal is to help world-changers live free from burnout. Her project Christy Tending Healing Arts offers workshops, coaching and resources for effective self-care. Christy recently shared her experience and insights with Laura Gilmartin. 1. What brought you to launch Christy Tending Healing Arts? I’m not […]

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Self-care means making space for suffering

What do we really mean when we talk about ‘self-care’? Liz Scarfe shares her exploration of the topic.  Earlier this year I was facilitating a workshop about inner criticism and a fellow in the workshop asked me “What is self care?” He had recently broken up from a long term relationship and was being told […]

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