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Organise Yourself Healthy

Are you embarking on the new year with goals relating to your health and wellbeing? A lot of people are, myself included! This article is offered in support of us achieving those goals. It turns out community organisers (and other change agents) have some excellent tools at their disposal to maximise the likelihood of making […]

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Intuition and goal-setting

Jessica Connor-Kennedy shares tips for setting goals with a focus on feelings and intuition. Firstly I want to acknowledge you for choosing to read this article and considering how to better yourself, aka thrive, in some way. Well done! Holly provided great support in the Setting Goals and Changing Habits blog and here I’ll share […]

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Setting goals and changing habits

This time last year I was deep into my New Year’s Resolutions. I was exercising regularly and eating healthily. A little over a year later I’m still exercising regularly and eating healthily – but it’s all feeling a lot easier. I’ve changed up some of my routines and reset my goals, but I don’t feel […]

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