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What are you drinking?

Non-alcoholic options We’ve been exploring the connections between alcohol and activism, and a number of writers have shared their perspectives on drinking and sobriety. But when you decide to walk the sober path, or just cut down for a night, what are your beverage options? Liz Shield lays it out for us. What do you […]

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Nurturing the Revolution!

  Practical tips for making activism inviting for parents and children At Plan to Thrive we reckon diversity and intergenerational participation is pretty darn important to sustaining political campaigns and promoting radical social change. Following on from her previous proposal of parenting as activism, Liz Shield has some great tips for including parents and children […]

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Parenting as activism

  Parenting, and particularly motherhood, has long been the subject of coercive gaze and bureaucratic discipline by masculinised political classes. Just see Australian Prime minister (and Minister for Women’s Affairs) Abbott’s recent ‘women of calibre’ remarks in regards to paid parental leave! In this article, Liz Shield outlines ways in which ‘deviant’ mothers engage in resistance to […]

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