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How to build a resilient culture of resistance in hard times

US activist and educator Daniel Hunter shares important tips for sustaining ourselves and our movements in the face of challenging times. Many of our responses to Trump have us caught in a whirlwind that goes like this: Trump does awful thing, we spring into defense, emotional turmoil ensues, and repeat. It’s our own rinse-wash-repeat cycle. […]

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Strategy, Soul and Self-Care

Over on Plan to Win we’ve been holding a bookclub to discuss Daniel Hunter’s brilliant book Strategy and Soul. We had the chance to talk with Daniel via video link up recently and he had some interesting things to say about activist oppression and self care. I appreciate that Plan to Thrive is grounded in the […]

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Activist Stories: Fenton

  Fenton Lutunatabua was interviewed by Daniel Hunter as part of the Sustaining the Movement panel at Global Power Shift, Istanbul, June 2013. Fenton, can you tell us a little bit about your life and work? I am currently employed with Dialogue Fiji a small NGO in Fiji, as the Communications and Research Officer. Our NGO works with […]

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