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Michael Apáthy explores the connections between environmental and psychological health, and offers ecotherapy as a sustaining practise for activists.  How deep does your connection to nature go? This is a question I often ask myself. Do we have any conception or experience of how deeply it is possible to connect with nature? Like an old […]

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Climate campaign failure and mental health

Campaigners addressing the greatest threat to ‘the future of all living things on the planet’ can experience big impacts on their hearts and minds. Tony Mohr shares his story and insights about sustaining activism.  Lately there’s been a little talk and even some media articles that start to open up discussion on mental health, climate change and campaigning. […]

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Our Hearts in Transition

  Holly Hammond reviews The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins – with emphasis on its insights around the emotional and psychological impact of climate change and peak oil. What would working to change the world be like if it made more room for the ‘heart’? How do we communicate challenging information to people in ways […]

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