Plan to Thrive is a multi-author blog open to contributions from all over the world. We also run events in Melbourne, Australia. We welcome collaborators!

Holly+ClancyHolly Hammond – Cofounder and Blog & Events Coconvenor

I’ve been politically active since high school and I’ve learnt a lot about stress and burnout the way people often learn – through experience. Supporting people to prioritise their health and wellbeing is an enduring fascination of mine. Coming from a workaholic middle class background I’ve had some struggles in this area but my life is getting ever sweeter.

I’ve been focused on supporting social movements since 2005 and in August 2011 I founded Plan to Win in Melbourne, Australia. Through training, facilitation and mentoring I assist individuals, groups and campaigns to develop the skills and clarity required to win change in the world. I work with inspiring people everyday and it’s a big part of what sustains me.

* Baby not model’s own.

fb-badgeLaura Gilmartin – Blog Coconvenor

I have a lifelong passion and interest in social, economic and cultural justice. Working and volunteering in international development in Australia, Indonesia and Timor-Leste has gifted me with the most amazing opportunities to understand how justice can be fought for and won.

I have studied journalism and peace and conflict studies, and I currently work in the union movement as an organiser. This role has been both a source of great inspiration to me and of many challenges, including to my health and wellbeing. I am getting better at my own self-care, not only by incorporating relaxation, healthy eating and ecotherapy into my life, but by learning to tune into my emotions and let them guide me. I am interested in exploring how as activists we can arm ourselves with the resources and courage we need to put our health first and make our worthwhile work truly sustainable.

suse-schloemSuse Scholem – Events Coconvenor

I am an activist and artist whose work centres around trying to make the world a better place.  After getting radicalised in school and spending my Uni years studying sociology, psychology, feminism and fine art, I now split my time between various projects that aim to build personal, social and cultural transformation. I have a particular passion for building alternatives to the current system and facilitating the sustainability of activism. I’m a part of groups such as Livelyhood, Gnomes Farming Co-op, the Ethical Makers Movement, and Doing It Ourselves. Aside from social movements, I love playing in a garden, making art, cooking good food, laughing with friends, fermenting, and focusing on my own self-development.

2016 has been a dedicated year of self-work for me, emotionally, psychologically and physically. It’s been amazing, and an on-going work in progress. Community and holistic self care are so important – many people go to the brink of burn-out and beyond in their efforts for social justice. It’s a symptom of activism. I want to help shift that culture, to create a more sustainable and joyful revolutionary movement.

HelenHelen Cox – Cofounder

I became involved with Plan To Thrive in the early days because I saw burnout and ill-health among activists as a major barrier to good collaboration and strong social movements. I have been very encouraged by the response we had with this project, there is obviously a need in our communities to have an honest conversation about wellbeing. I continue to be passionate about the need for organisers and campaigners to prioritise wellbeing in a holistic sense and strategise to create the social conditions where political groups and communities are places where people can thrive, build resilience and sustain long-term campaigns for change.

I currently live in Wellington, New Zealand and work in restorative justice and sexual abuse prevention education. In my spare time I am a Volunteer Coordinator for JustSpeak, a movement of young people and rangatahi speaking up and speaking out about criminal justice. I’m most happy to be contacted via Plan To Thrive by anyone living in Aotearoa and wanting to engage in a conversation around activist health and wellbeing.