Archive | June, 2017

Workshop: Holistic Health x 3

Sunday July 9, 2-5pm Save the Children, 33 Lincoln Sq Sth, Carlton This month we’re delving into a variety of topics to give activists a boost of wellbeing and refresher tips for the winter months. The workshop will be split into three sections to present different approaches of holistic health knowledge and practical skills: “Shiatsu […]

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Review: The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit

Nonprofit organisations can be prone to encouraging overwork, simply because they know their employees are emotionally invested. Alexandra Lamb analyses Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman’s recent argument that nonprofits should transform their workplace culture to have more productive and happier workers. The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman asks, ‘What if your […]

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Workshop review: Putting Pen to Paper

On Sunday 4 June Plan To Thrive’s Suse Scholem ran a workshop on journaling as a regular self-care practice. The workshop wove together theories from a range of fields including psychology, neuroscience and social change, discussion about the benefits of journaling and other writing, ways that the written word can be used in our activism, […]

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