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Health vs Capitalism

Melbourne’s Plan B collective recently hosted a forum on the topic of “Health vs. Capitalism”. John Zoidberg reports.   On November 12 2014, Melbourne’s Plan B collective hosted a panel discussion and forum at the Victorian Trades Hall on the topic of “Health vs. Capitalism”. The panel’s four speakers (J. C. Coggo, Professor Hans Baer, David […]

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Travel well

Holly Hammond shares tips for healthy and lower-stress travel – and the value of staying on the ground for a while.  Some people love travel and get itchy feet if they’re grounded too long. Me, not so much. I’m a homebody – I tend to be at my most satisfied and healthy when I’m home in a […]

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Celebrating social change

Helen Cox celebrates the art and skill of activist celebration, including three inspiring examples.  Celebration is an often under-rated tactic of social change and community building, and no wonder, modern Western cultures often view leisure and celebration as a sin against productivity. ‘Tall Poppy’ Syndrome (a social phenomenon found in many cultures, such as the […]

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