Archive | October, 2014

Healthier living through technology

With inspiration from David Sedaris, Anna Chang discovers the value of a ‘wearable device’ to promote health and wellbeing.    Anyone who knows me knows that I am, perhaps, the slowest walker in the world. Slower even, than the Google-maps man. That’s right, slower than that guy. Why then, would someone like me get a <ahem> ‘wearable […]

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Michael Apáthy explores the connections between environmental and psychological health, and offers ecotherapy as a sustaining practise for activists.  How deep does your connection to nature go? This is a question I often ask myself. Do we have any conception or experience of how deeply it is possible to connect with nature? Like an old […]

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What are you drinking?

Non-alcoholic options We’ve been exploring the connections between alcohol and activism, and a number of writers have shared their perspectives on drinking and sobriety. But when you decide to walk the sober path, or just cut down for a night, what are your beverage options? Liz Shield lays it out for us. What do you […]

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