Archive | September, 2014

How do we stop chasing rabbits?

Mark Riboldi shares insights from the fast paced and reactive world of electoral politics. One of the many things I have learned about while working in politics is chasing rabbits. It’s a pretty simple game – every time you see a rabbit you must chase it. It’s a bit like those ‘whack-a-mole’ games they used […]

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Personal ‘traps’ that contribute to activist burnout

In a recent article Tony Mohr talked about ‘cognitive errors’ campaigners can make. This post from PTT co-convenor Holly Hammond explores some of these errors, or ‘traps’ that contribute to activist burnout. Read through this list and see if you might need to adjust your perspective, in the interests of your health, wellbeing and effectiveness.  […]

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Art, Anxiety and Activism

Activism and anxiety are frequently associated. What can activists do to reduce feelings of worry and anxiety? Jessica Harwood shares some simple art therapy exercises for mindfulness, relaxation and anxiety management. Activists do not choose an easy life. It takes a special sort of person to look at all the issues that grate against our […]

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