Archive | July, 2014

Sustaining ourselves as activists

The third post in our survey series covers all the nuggets of wisdom elicited in response to the question ‘what have you figured out about sustaining yourself as an activist’? We think there is something for everyone here, happy reading. As with other analyses, we have trawled through the responses to identify common themes as […]

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What can’t go on forever, won’t

Drinking and the Left Ben Courtice shares his personal story about activism, drinking, and stopping drinking – and his observations of the cultures that contribute to unhealthy relationships with alcohol. This is the third article in our series on alcohol in activist communities.  A number of the most hard working activists I know are also some […]

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Privileges and problematics of sobriety

The second in our series on alcohol and activism is a piece on the social positionality and wider power-dynamics of sobriety. We welcome all kinds of feedback on the ideas presented in this series, so please feel free to share your own story or thoughts in the comments section.  i’ve been sober my entire life. […]

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