Archive | June, 2014

Impacts of activism on health and wellbeing

The second question in our survey was ‘how does your activism impact on your health and wellbeing’? Of the 151 responses to this particular question there were some definite trends, as well as a few outlying responses that are worth mentioning because they might tap into experiences and themes that are meaningful to the wider […]

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Sobriety and Capitalism

Plan to Thrive is publishing a series of blog posts on alcohol use in activist spaces, and we welcome your input! This first post was originally published in ‘Another Sober Zine’ and is a personal refection of experiencing drinking cultures, particularly within the radical activist community. I’ve spent a lot of time now in radical political […]

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What motivates us to engage in activism

Activist Health and Wellbeing Survey Results We had almost 200 responses to our activism health and wellbeing survey! We’ll be releasing the results in a series of short posts on each question. This week: ‘what motivates you to engage in activism’? The answers around this question were surprising similar and also point to the common […]

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