Archive | January, 2014

Run to struggle, struggle to run

  Jo Ball shares her introductory thoughts from a new blog about running and social change.   I have been trying to map out how long it has been since I started running. I remember going out in Camperdown memorial park in Newtown, that little park with the walled church grounds. I smile to think […]

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Give our inner bullies a break

Rebecca Aced-Molina encourages us to live intentionally and commit to addressing injustice – whilst practising forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves.   I am ready to admit: I am burnt out. I’ve been working towards social justice, in one way or another, for at least twenty years. I’ve been a popular educator, a policy analyst, an […]

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Holding on to the holidays

Heading back to work? Take some time to consider what you want to hold on to from your holidays. Here’s some thoughts from Holly Hammond to get you started.    Yesterday was my first day back at work after a wonderful long holiday. Although I totally love my job I must admit I’m feeling a […]

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