Archive | July, 2013

Got the winter blues?

Mid way through winter even dynamo-activists can feel a bit sluggish at times. Getting out of bed in the morning becomes a challenge, we tend to consume carbohydrates more frequently, and our mood and general outlook can be as bleak as the weather. The urge to hibernate and give up might not just be about […]

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Activist Stories: Doing It Ourselves

Recently, Helen Cox spent a weekend with an energetic group of community organisers from Doing It Ourselves at Commonground, an intentional community and social enterprise located in the country of the Taungurung people (Seymour, north of Melbourne). Doing It Ourselves, along with many other community groups, frequently use this wonderful space as a retreat and […]

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Hope and Activist Burnout

Activist burnout can be the result of many factors, such as overwork, high stress, trauma, prolonged interpersonal conflict, organisational ineffectiveness and a lack of long term planning. But I think a key factor, which we don’t talk about very much, is hope. Accumulated demoralisation from experiencing defeats contributes to many people burning out, or just […]

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